Graham Billinghurst

Graham Billinghurst

CPF Advisory Board

With two decades of experience at Citibank in various leadership roles, Graham possesses a wealth of expertise in finance and business management. Following his tenure at Citibank, Graham ventured into entrepreneurship, leveraging his skills in investment banking, property advisory, and development. Over the years, he has played pivotal roles in structuring deals, arranging finance, and providing strategic guidance across diverse projects.

Graham’s professional journey includes notable achievements such as serving on the board of Oyster Cove and contributing to the restructuring of QIDC real estate portfolio. His tenure as Joint CEO of Lewis Land Group saw him spearheading the development of multiple ventures, including land developments, office buildings, shopping centres, and a hotel group.

In addition to his corporate endeavours, Graham remains active in advisory roles, lending his expertise to three clients. He is also deeply committed to philanthropy, holding positions in charitable organizations such as The Lady Bowen Trust Board and BRIC Housing Advisory.

Overall, Graham’s career exemplifies a dedication to excellence, strategic vision, and a passion for making a positive impact both in business and in the community.