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Retail Investors


The CPF Diversified Property Fund aims to provide investors with high quality and consistent property-based income combined with capital stability and the potential for longer term capital growth.

Investing in our fund gives the investors access to a large portfolio of strongly performing property investments with a variety of properties Australia Wide as well as expert knowledge from our executive team and frequent updates on your investment from our team.

Fund Performance – annualised as at 31 December 20221,2

The unit price of the CPF Diversified Property Fund, as of 30 October 2022, is $1.04.

1 Year (%) 3 Years (%) 5 Years (%) Inception (% p.a.)
Income Distribution 7.81% 9.10% 9.24% 7.86%
Capital Growth 0.89% 5.88% 3.89% 0.52%
Total Return 8.70% 14.98% 13.13% 8.39%
  1. Performance is shown for information purposes only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Annualised total return figures are the sum of the annualised income distribution and the annualised capital return (each calculated on a stand-alone basis).
  2. Inception date is 12 August 2016

*Distribution for FY2022 based on 30/6/22 unit price. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. The distributions depend on the performance of the underlying investments of the Fund.

Why Invest?

Total return since inception 8.45% p.a.*

Potential longer term capital growth

Secured by property

Established track record

Exposure to a diversified portfolio

The Fund Structure

The CPF Diversified Property Fund is a registered managed investment scheme, where investors enjoy exposure to a diversified pool of property assets. The Fund is open to retail investors with a minimum investment of $25,000. The Fund also offers bi-annual liquidity options (refer to the PDS and download here).

Who can invest?

The CPF Diversified Property Fund is open to both retail and wholesale investors, including self-managed super funds (SMSFs), individual investors, family trusts, and corporate entities.

The CPF Diversified Property Fund may suit investors who are looking for regular income and the potential for longer-term capital growth.

The Fund may also suit investors looking for an investment that is not directly correlated to the stock market.

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