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Return: 10.00% pa – paid quarterly
LVR: 59.46%
Term: 10 months

First Mortgage Security

Loan Summary


LOAN SUMMARY – Yallambi Construction

Loan Facility


Fund Status

Open for Investment

Undrawn Balance


Loan Term

10 months – Expected Repayment March 2024

Investor Distribution Yield

10.00% p.a. – paid quarterly

Minimum Investment



Registered first mortgage & director guarantees

Loan to Valuation Ratio ‘LVR’

The loan agreement allows for a minimum LVR of 59.46% exclusive of GST. The LVR is less than 58% of the Subject Property on an ‘as if complete’ basis and exclusive of GST.



Yes – CPF has invested into this Loan

About the Property Security 

Security is provided via a registered first mortgage over the Subject Property being:

  • Land located at 79 Farm Road Bunya QLD 4055, specifically lot 39 on CP S31417 referred to in this document as ‘Yallambi” and situated 19km from the Brisbane CBD.
  • The property has a development approval of 28 acreage lots.
  • Yallambi provides lit sizes ranging from 4,000m2 to 7000m2.
  • Surrounded by parks, protected bushland, and Bergin & Wongan Creeks, Yallambi offers a choice of either Creek edge or Parkside lots.
  • As at the date of this document, Yallambi has achieved 10 presales.


‘As if complete’ valuation of the Subject Property $29,429,545 exclusive of GST.

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