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Our Background & Philosophy

Capital Property Funds is solely focused on providing investors access to property-based income streams and also the potential for longer term capital growth.

Since inception 2012, we have consistently delivered high-quality, property-based returns to our investors throughout the property cycle. We do this through our exceptional team of experts who specialise in property funds management.

The executive directors have co-invested in every opportunity presented by Capital Property Funds.

Typically, our investors are seeking exposure to property-based income opportunities and they often invest in a number of our funds.

We offer unlisted property funds which provide regular income and also the potential for longer-term capital growth.

Investors looking for shorter-term investments can consider our property debt fund which offers quality income returns, generally for a 12-month investment term.

We welcome retail investors into our funds who usually invest via their SMSF, and we also accommodate wholesale investors. We offer private mandates for larger investors who are looking for a targeted property investment return/outcome.

Client outcomes are at the heart of our investing decisions

We aim to describe the fund assets as accurately as we can.

We aim to make our funds transparent and simple.

We are always focused on the exit strategy.

Our goal is to provide an appropriate return to compensate our investors for the risk involved.

We recognise we do not know everything, but are always endeavouring to learn more.

We co-invest in every deal we do.

Meet The Team

Julia Novella

Head of Funds Management


Andrew Kerr

Executive Director


Joe Christie

Executive Director


Rod Moynahan

Development Consultant


Alison Christie

Head of Registry Services


Railesh Chand

Head of Loan Servicing



Ella Walsh

Junior Lending Manager


Graham Billinghurst

Graham Billinghurst

CPF Advisory Board



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